Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Who said Washington, Georgia was boring?

Welcome to the Fitzpatrick Hotel blog. My name is Christy Todd and my three business partners (one of which is my wonderful husband) restored the Fitzpatrick Hotel in 2004. We operated the hotel until 2007 and sold the business at that time. We returned to the hotel in mid-June of this year when the new owner ceased operations.

As part of our return, we are working to make some improvements. One of the things we would like to improve on is the way we communicate with our customers and friends and that is the primary reason for starting this blog. In the past, I have produced a quarterly newsletter but things change so quickly that letting you know about events and specials on a quarterly basis is not often enough. This blog will replace our newsletter and allow me to keep you updated on events at the hotel or in Washington and the surrounding areas. Some of the events that I look forward to blogging about in the coming weeks are: Mule Days, Fall Variety Show, ArtFest, the Unchained Tour, Snowing on the Square, Candlelight Shopping, the opening of the Christmas Store, the Christmas Tour of Homes, New Years Eve, and much more.

We will also be using the blog to provide specials and last-minute deals. In the future I hope to begin tweeting last minute deals as well (I am taking baby steps so stay tuned). We are upgrading other areas of the hotel operations and will keep you posted on those changes.

There are a lot of things happening in Washington that you do not want to miss. Hope to see you soon!

Wilkes County Courthouse

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