Sunday, November 14, 2010

Everything Old is New Again!

They say that everything old is new again and that is definitely true at the Fitzpatrick.  After 7 years of operations, it is time to do some upgrading and freshening up.  After taking the hotel operations back over this past June, we have made several improvements including our new breakfast area with new menu of organics, natural, and locally produced food, as well as expanding the retail and restaurant space to allow for more flexibility.  This has allowed us to fill this space with one of the best retail and food service providers that we know -- Talk of the Town. 

Our next undertaking is upgrading the hotel rooms to give them more of a boutique hotel feel.  We are very excited about having a new look and more functional rooms.  We are changing the room colors around a bit to reflect a lighter fare as opposed to the heavier Victorian colors (see our pic below and let me know what you think).  We have also gotten comments over the years about the functionality of the antique furniture -- it is really pretty, but not always comfortable.  In response, we are going to replace some of the key furniture pieces with reproduction items and extremely comfortable chairs, which was the item that customers commented on the most.  We are also replacing all electronics in the building to include new flat-screened televisions, in-room ipod docking stations, upgraded WiFi, 20G fiber-optic network, and computer kiosks in the lobby for customer use.

Currently we have either one queen or one double bed in each room.  We will be putting King sized beds and two double beds in some of the rooms as size allows and also include wet bars in certain rooms.  The linens will be upgraded and we will be using new down comforters and duvet covers.  We are also planning to replace the art-work with art from local and regional artists. We hope that this will foster interest in the work of some our terrific local artists, who we will highlight in future blogposts.   

This one shows the color pretty well  

We need all the help we can get!

Mike putting the finishing touches on the bathroom.
Stay tuned as I try to keep you updated on our progress and of course, make plans to see us so that you can see the improvements live and in person!


  1. I am so wishing you well and good fortune. The Fitz is a jewel and I appreciate all your hard work. Christy and Mike, we need you now more than ever. Regards, Mike Horgan

  2. Thanks Michael! We appreciate the encouragement!