Saturday, January 8, 2011

Remembering the Past; Setting Direction for the Future -- Part 2

Today's blog post was written by Mike Todd.

During my readings on the battle of Kettle Creek, I came across a wonderful story of respect and honor:

Colonel Andrew Pickens
After the action had ended, Colonel Pickens of the American forces went to Colonel Boyd of the Loyalist forces to tend to his needs as Colonel Boyd had received a mortal wound during the battle.  Colonel Boyd thanked him for his civilities.  They discussed the battle and Colonel Boyd concluded by saying that he only had a few hours to live and requested that Colonel Pickens leave him with two men to furnish him with water and bury him after he died.  Colonel Boyd also asked Colonel Pickens to inform his wife as to his fate and send her his personal effects.  Colonel Boyd died that night and Colonel Pickens faithfully complied with his wishes. 

So many times in today's world, we lose sight of the human side of people with opposing views.  When prevailing over others with different views, I would hope that we would be able to "cross the aisle" and invoke a spirit of humanity and humility to offer assistance and respect.  As a country we have done this many times in the past and this is one of the many things that will continue to make us great in the future.

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