Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Georgia Cities Foundation Heart and Soul Tour

The Fitzpatrick Hotel would like to thank the members of the recent Heart and Soul Tour for taking time in their busy schedule to stop in Washington, Georgia, and spend a few moments at The Fitzpatrick Hotel.  Christy and I felt personally gratified due to personal friendships that have grown over many years with members of the tour.  The last time the tour stopped in Washington was during the original renovation of The Fitzpatrick Hotel and many members had never seen the finished product.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Heart and Soul Tour as well as the Georgia Cities Foundation, I would recommend visiting their website.  They are a wonderful organization dedicated to the preservation of historical properties in downtowns.  They promote historic preservation as a means of saving endangered properties as well as revitalization of  business and economic growth.  The tour consists of both private, government, and business leaders and lends support to many areas of Georgia.  The tour provides inspiration, hope, and a shared sense of concern for areas all over Georgia.

We have personally been on four of the Heart and Soul tours and would like to once again thank everyone involved with the preparation, planning, and attendance of the tours.  The personal sacrifice of your time and attention will always play well in our heart.

Mike Todd

Mike with Hal and Priscilla Carter during the Heart and Soul Tour 2008

Mike and Christy -- Heart and Soul Tour 2009

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