Sunday, May 22, 2011

Great Event Thanks to Everyone Participating

Our first Riding for a Reason bicycle event was well attended and even though we had one very frightening occurrence during the ride, all ended well.  I would like to thank everyone.

Athens Land Trust and Staff - Thanks for the work you do helping individuals who may have never had the opportunity to own a home of their own with home ownership as well as helping current owners in distress find help.  The training and mentoring you do in this area is a true blessing to your clients and your neighbors.  It has been a true pleasure working with you on this event and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Sponsors - The ride would not have been possible without a wonderful series of sponsors providing everything from food to mechanical services and transportation as well as financial support.  Sponsors were too numerous to mention all but a particular mention of Georgia Cycle Sports should be made due to their on site mechanical and transportation service that far exceeded our expectation.

Mike Rivers -Mike is a friend to many and works tirelessly in many areas -- one of which is safety and first aid.  He personally provides first aid at many events in the Athens area as well as training others to provide similar assistance.  Mike does all of this from his own personal means with a true spirit of giving.  Mike provided first aid on site during the race and followed to make sure no riders were left behind.

Oglethorpe County Emergency Services -  We had an unfortunate accident where one of the riders was struck by a motor vehicle.  Oglethorpe County EMS and the Sheriff's office responded in a truly amazing way.  If I had not known better, I would have said they were following the ride.  Truly amazing response.  Hats off to you guys.

Bethany Baptist - Thanks for going beyond in providing a rest stop for the riders.  Christy called to ask for use of their driveway as a stop.  The pastor, Jim Olds, responded that not only could we use the driveway, but we could use their fellowship hall, bathrooms and water/ice.  He came out early Saturday morning to make this available and truly exhibited  a "Christ Like" attitude missing in so many ways today.

Riders - This would not have been possible without you.  We hope you had a good time and enjoyable ride.

City of Winterville - Thanks for allowing us to use the city as a starting point and working it in with the Marigold Festival.  Good time for all.

We would also like to request continued prayers and thoughts for Taylor Johnson and his friend Katie Schweitzer.  He is the young man that was struck by a vehicle.  We received a wonderful update and thanks from them this morning.  He was released from the ER with a large contusion on his hip.  No broken bones.  They wanted to thank everyone that the ride was so well organized and personally mentioned Nancy of ALT for being on site within minutes.  They go on to say "We'll probably take a week or so off from riding, but we'll be back in the saddle soon.  We know we were extremely blessed to have the best worst case scenario yesterday."   Their final statement sums up my feelings exactly.

 "Thank you so much for everything and we hope to see you next year!"  


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