Friday, June 24, 2011

Looking forward to Friday night...

I am really looking forward to the Fourth of July celebration in downtown Washington next Friday (July 1st).  The fireworks display is really outstanding and the whole event is a lot of fun.  The picture you see below is one that Mercer Harris took of a few years back.  I love this picture -- it not only shows how great the fireworks show is, but what an incredibly gifted photographer Mercer is.

We have been in Washington for the Fourth of July celebration numerous times since we bought the hotel building in 2002.  Each year has been special for various reasons.  Last year, we had some friends that came to Washington to stay at the Fitzpatrick on the night of the fireworks and we had a great time having dinner with them at Talk of the Town and showing them around town. I know this year will be memorable as well.

Consider coming to Washington next Friday night -- it is a great tradition to start!

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