Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Dress for an Old Lady on Her Rebirthday.

Hi everyone,

I wanted to give everyone an update on the renovations and updates occurring at the hotel.  It has been several months since my last post and things are moving along well.  We have updated 10 rooms to date.  The updates include all new furniture and linens, flat screen TV, and new rugs.  We have upgraded to remove all full size bedding and every room will be either queen or king bed depending on room  layout.  During this update we have also installed a new WiFi system that gives extremely good coverage in all areas of the building.  We are still planning on adding a ipod docking station in each room and a business kiosk in the lobby.

  Christy has done a wonderful job working with our website designer, Wilson Sheldon, to provide a new template for our website that is more user friendly and provides more information to our customers in a dynamic format.  The site just went up and it allows  changes to be made much more easily so the site will remain fresh and valid.

We have repainted much of the public area of the building.  We maintained our same color scheme for these areas since they are representative of the original  colors.  We did however change the color in the rooms during the updates.  We wanted to get away from the dark Victorian colors and move to what I call a "happy color".  We chose a color called Olive Sprig and it is a medium tone green that works well with the stained glass and feels good. 


We finished painting the back  and side of the building exterior last week.  We hope  to complete the rooms and paint the front of the building this fall.  I  am open to color suggestions for the front.  I don't want to make a major shift but I do feel like a little change would be nice.

We had a friend of ours who does landscape design come out last week.  We hope to complete a landscape design for the rear of the building soon.  This would be a long term design to be built out in the next three years.  It would include a managers quarters, pool and expanded courtyard.  Our goal with these changes would be to make the facility more comfortable for on site management, privacy in the rear by developing an enclosed courtyard, and promoting the hotel as a whole to be a place of comfort and relaxation that can be used as a small getaway.  Much of this will depend on the economy and our efforts in promoting the hotel as more of a retreat facility.

The hotel has been in operation for 7 years next month and the "Old Lady" is getting a new dress that will make her as relevant and comfortable as any new hotel.  We take great pride in  her and wish her many more years.


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