Thursday, August 11, 2011

Austin Dabney -- Patriot

On Sunday, August 14th, the City of Washington will host a Black Patriot Monument Ceremony featuring well-known sculptor, Kinzey Branham, on the south end of the Square.  The ceremony will start at 2 pm and will honor Austin Dabney and other black soldiers who fought in the American Revolution. 

I just recently learned about Austin Dabney and I found his story to be fascinating.  Austin Dabney was a slave who moved with his master, Richard Aycock, to Wilkes County.  In an effort to avoid military service, Aycock sent Dabney as his substitute in the Georgia militia.  Dabney proved himself to be a good soldier and played an important part in many skirmishes against the British.  He served under Elijah Clarke and participated in the Battle of Kettle Creek, which took place near Washington.  During the battle, Dabney suffered a serious injury and a white soldier, Giles Harris, took Dabney to his home to care for him. 

Here is where the story really gets interesting -- but we will get to that part tomorrow :-).   

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